I’m feeling a little vain today. So kill me. I have no idea how many facts I’ll think up, or how long this will be, but…incase you were interested:

I love to cook. My boyfriend says I’m good at it, and I love the trial and error of new recipes, and the ultimate “first taste face” of someone eating a recipe I’ve tried for the first time.

As much as I love “stuff,” I’m a much happier person giving gifts to others than actually receiving them. This little habit has only been enhanced by my relationship, and is the reason for my sky-high credit card bill.

I’m 25, and the first time I got my hair colored and cut without putting it on my credit card was less than a month ago. As horrible as that may sound, I’m actually pretty proud of it.

I stockpile candy and other treats in my purse and car, and give them to my boyfriend periodically when I drag him to places he doesn’t want to go. Works like a charm.

I find grocery shopping to be incredibly therapeutic.

My favorite physical attribute is my hair.

Pinterest is, hands down, a much better outlet for my time than Facebook. Instead of stalking people, I’m gaining insight to creative ideas, projects, recipes and fitness inspiration. Facebook doesn’t stand a chance. Nor does Twitter.

I am currently in love with pretty much anything Foster the People does. Houdini makes me happy.

I spend most of my time doing things now that the me from a year ago couldn’t imagine doing in her lifetime. Anything from cooking and errand running to dressing up my dog in an insanely embarrassing pumpkin costume for Halloween… the 2010 version of me is rolling over in her grave.

Speaking of changes, I like all things wedding and marriage now. Not that I didn’t before, but it’s a lot easier to tolerate when you can actually picture yourself having one eventually.

I got an iPhone. How many years did it take me?

The number of “friends” I have has dwindled to a ridiculously low number. However, the number of good friends I have is infinitely stronger and has managed to synchronize itself into this new world of settled down adulthood I’m discovering. It’s this last part in particular that reassures me those friends will be around in the long run.

We’re doing Thanksgiving at my parents’ house for the first time in my entire life. I don’t know why this excites me so much – probably because my dad and my boyfriend plan to deep fry a turkey for the first time. This may be our first turkey day at my parents’ house and our last one without permanent burn marks.

I gained back a lot of the weight I lost in 2009/early 2010. It’s really disappointing, but I’m finally mentally back into a place where I feel confident that my body can redeem itself after 2010’s terrible drinking spell.

I’ve learned not to love Dayton, but to love the life I’ve built here. Nothing (and I really do mean nothing) has worked out according to the plan I had when I left OU, but I’m really happy here and know that leaving isn’t always the answer.

I’d love to take about two or three weeks and travel Europe for my honeymoon. Not necessarily for a honeymoon, but it seems like as good a reason as any.

I am notorious for finding really awesome craft projects and then never starting them. Apparently procrastination is a lifelong trait.

After seeing one of my co-worker’s kids perform at a school event a few weeks ago, I have finally decided that I will inevitably end up having kids, and that I’ll probably like it. I know. Shutup.

We have a huge wall of file cabinets in my office, and sometimes when no one is around while I’m back there filing, I will pull up my dress and adjust my tights. Not even kidding, and if I should be ashamed, then I’m sorry I’m not.

I’m already planning dishes to bring to Thanksgiving. I told you I love cooking.

Despite having a live-in boyfriend (weird saying that now, for sure), I am a firm believer that dinners, drinks or any other random activity with some of my close girlfriends is the best therapy I could ask for, and quite often the best way to spend a Friday night.

All I want to be when I grow up is as similar to my mother and grandmothers as I could possibly be. Minus my grandma’s incessant need to spit on everything and everyone when she talks.

I only own dark jeans. Do people still wear acid washed jeans now? If so, they should stop making them bigger than a size 4.

I don’t like red wine. For as big of a wino as I claim to be, I can’t handle red wine. That being said, on a good night, I can easily keep the white wine industry in business.

90% of the photos on my phone are of my dog.

Foods I will never understand how people eat: onions (unless they’re deep fried and smothered in some kind of delicious batter and sauce), mushrooms and broccoli. Seriously. You’re disgusting. Oh, and fish. Gross.

Clearing space out for my boyfriend to move in proved to me that I am one stack of papers away from being a hoarder.

I am often brought to tears when I see some of the cases of animal neglect posted by animal rights groups I follow on Facebook, but I can’t get myself to “unlike” them. It’s like I’m intentionally punishing myself for not being able to adopt more animals.

I love hosting events. Parties, dinners, or planning events for other people – clearly I missed my calling.

Do you ever postpone going to the grocery store, avoid it at all costs because you don’t want to spend the money, and then suddenly you’re out of one particular thing and all of a sudden it’s, “I HAVE to go grocery shopping!!” For me, that is peppermint mocha creamer.

I will never support puppy mills or purchase a dog from a pet store, but it still breaks my heart that pet store puppies are supposed to go un-purchased. It’s not their fault they came from a puppy mill. I know it’s ultimately for the better that people don’t support it, but those puppies should have every chance to live, too.

Ok, I’m done.