who IS this girl?

Midwest 20-something, trying to establish a blissful balance between living the young life I always imagined in the big city, and learning how to grow up in the hometown I spent my youth in. I suppose I’m no more qualified or experienced at life than any other person my age, but I’d like to think I offer fresh perspective and new light to some of the trials and tribulations we face in our early adult years – the problems that most of society writes off as “growing up.” You’ll also occasionally find blogs about health, weight loss, food (it’s a vicious cycle in my life, really), as well as my own rants about pet peeves and ways of the world that I’ll never quite understand. If nothing else, I hope you find some entertainment here 🙂


2 thoughts on “who IS this girl?”

  1. Inspiring blog! Good luck with your journey.

  2. Angela Schedler said:

    so i never knew you had a blog, but i had a fascinating time reading some of the things you posted 🙂 I agreed with 75% of it!! 🙂

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