So tonight, my boyfriend told me that he doesn’t read my blog because he likes to read “useful information.” If I didn’t love ice cream so much, I would have spent the rest of the evening flinging spoonfuls of peanut butter sundae at him (don’t worry, no ice cream was harmed in the process). But really. What the fuck constitutes as “useful information?” Because his idea of “useful” usually has to do with catching obnoxiously large fish, watching people make guns or otherwise maxing out his mental library of Family Guy quotes.


Note to all men: Stop being douchebags, and read your girlfriends’ blogs. You’ll probably learn something, and at the least, you’ll know when you’re being a total dickbag, because we’re most likely writing about it. And if you don’t read our blogs, lie about your reason. No one gives a shit about honesty when it’s as harsh as “No offense, but I like to read useful information.” Just sayin.